We are proud to introduce Kotaco, a fuel and propane company operating throughout North Dakota and the Upper Midwest. Previously two separate industry leaders — Nichelson Oil and Buechler Oil — we brought the two companies came together as Kotaco with a united purpose to continue a legacy of great service and value to their communities.

We’ve been operating as Nichelson Oil in the Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo area since May of 2014, and operating as Buechler Oil in the Harvey area since September 2015. While we have a strong desire to honor the rich, longstanding history of both of these companies, we felt it was important, to move forward as a company under one name. As we do so, we carry with us the rich tradition of our history and continue to build upon the foundation that sets us apart as a company. We’re proud to be a North Dakota company, and that’s where our new name comes from: DaKOTA COmpany = KOTACO. Curious on how to pronounce it? Think of it this way: KOTA-CO


Our mission is to put customers needs and desires to the forefront of our services. We’ll go above and beyond expectations to ensure our customers are not only happy, but thrilled with our service. Kotaco is a brand that believes in core-values and going the extra mile